Running Out of Content Ideas for Your SEO Campaign?

Content has always played an important role in any effective SEO strategy, but many times we have run out of steam that comes with content ideas that can support best SEO events campaigns.

Content has two purposes in SEO / MMS campaigns. The first is to direct your keywords, improving visibility, awareness and building diverse and relevant web back links, users and social communities to your website. And two is for visitors who find useful content and become loyal readers and possibly good customers.

The challenge is (for customers and SEO experts), not only creating content but creating unique, compelling, informative, educational and sometimes entertaining content. This is not an easy task even for a team of content writers sometimes.

After all, how many articles you can write about car insurance, for example? In best SEO events, one can have to write many articles to support and sometimes transform a primary keyword. After writing a few articles about a specific keyword, it is just a lot of rewriting after the same information rehashed. This can be discouraging for the readers of his blog that if they are bored with your content will find another place to satisfy your needs.

The solution is to look outside the box when searching for content ideas and, more importantly, to explore various ways of delivering content to your prospects.

  1. PowerPoint Presentations – You can set up a PPT explaining the types of auto insurance (or sales presentation), for example. This PPT can be syndicated to sites like SlideShare. This not only improves the visibility of your content is a great way to participate in another community and create useful links to your website. You can also convert PPT to a video file, give it a background score (or sometimes voice-over), and the trick is played you have a video that can be syndicated to video submission sites such as YouTube.
  2. Press releases – recently issued a press release on a new product launch or service. The press release can be posted on the blog, then the syndication websites PR syndication online. This is another good time for visibility and quality link the building to your website.
  3. How articles – Give a touch to your article, and you can distribute to how sites (eHow), which are sites that encourage “how” articles. A new community, more links, more traffic.
  4. Video – Information (4-5 minutes) Videos can explain a subject/service / product better and build confidence for visitors. After all, who does not like an audiovisual experience? And it is good for lazy people who do not like to read. The videos can be displayed on your blog and then distributed video submission sites. Another community, powerful links, more traffic.
  5. Case studies – Everyone loves a story of success. In addition case studies and technical documents can be used to target specific areas of their business focuses on. For example, A consultant supply chain is an expert in the automotive industry or the engineering sector can create case studies that can be used to target keywords such as “consultant supply chain for” automobile industry. In addition, sites have no problem related to case studies / white paper if they can interest its members. Note that it is very difficult to get (.edu) sites and sites (.org) to link to you. Why would they be? But a good case study or white paper could be linked by these sites. These links, of course, are invaluable.
  6. Customer Testimonials – Everyone had a customer sent a thank you for your service, or send an email thank you. What your customers are saying about you, it is not only good content but also the best of mouth advertising. Not shy to put a little less positive comment too. It shows the maturity and willingness to correct customer problems and implement good suggestions.

Any SEO expert will tell you that the benefits of exploring various means of content delivery are many. It’s great to mix of interesting content for users, and you can distribute this content to different communities like SlideShare (PowerPoint presentations), YouTube (videos), Flicker (images), Digg (Social Bookmarking) The quality of the construction and a diversified mix.

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